Tesla Gigafactory 4 Berlin-Brandenburg for MSFS

Tesla Gigafactory 4 Berlin-Brandenburg for MSFS

This freeware add-on brings Tesla’s Gigafactory 4 to MSFS. This massive car factory is located in Berlin-Brandenburg in Germany. 
The scenery isn’t highly detailed. It looks good if you are departing or approaching Berlin-Schönefeld aiport. But if you are flying near the factory, it won’t look very nice.

Main features:

Added custom 3d-object: Gigafactory 4

Added some standard scenery near the factory

Added a POI

Removed vegetation

How to install:
(0. Delete older versions of this add-on.)
1. Download the ZIP-file.
2. Open the ZIP-file. There should be a folder called “nfm-brandenburg-gigafactory4”.
3. Drop this folder into your MSFS community folder.
4. Start MSFS. The add-on should work now.

If you enjoy this freeware add-on and want to help me finance my pilot training a little bit, I would appreciate a small donation a lot.

Created using assets from ambientCG.com(CC0).

Have fun!

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