MSFS Shorts 360 Fedex+ D-CRAS Package

MSFS Shorts 360 Fedex+ D-CRAS Package

Payware Blackbox Shorts-Regional is needed.

This repaint package shows Shorts 330-300F D-CRAS with its different paint schemes of 1999 to 2017. Included are Fedex, Express Airways, Nightexpress and Bespoke Distribution Aviation.

Built in 1988 as an SD-3-60-300 with the serial SH.3744, D-CRAS began its life at Rheinland Air Service, based in EDLN Mönchengladbach. It was sold to the Slovenian carrier Express Airways, which converted the “shed” into a -300F freighter in 1999 and flew it for Fedex from EDDL Düsseldorf until 2001.

After the contract with Fedex expired, D-CRAS flew in the colors of Express Airways for another two years until 2003. Its old Fedex livery was taken over. The hub was EDDF Frankfurt.

In 2004, it then joined Nightexpress, which continued to operate D-CRAS in the Fedex base livery until 2013.

In 2013, Bespoke Distribution Aviation purchased the aircraft, which it operated from EDDF Frankfurt until 2017.

In the second half of 2017, D-CRAS will then be sold to the USA, where it will continue to fly cargo nightly for Air Cargo Alliance as N744LG.


Unzip and move it to your MSFS Community folder. Enjoy!


This repaint is freeware; you may use and modify it as you wish for your own use. It may not be used or sold for commercial purposes, nor published on any website that charges for downloading either directly or through a membership fee. If you want to publish repaints based on it, you need written permission from the author.

Thomas Roehl
November 2023

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