MSFS F-4E USAF SP 71-1079

MSFS F-4E USAF SP 71-1079

Payware DC Designs F-4E is needed.


This repaint shows SEA camuflaged USAFE F-4E Phantom II 71-1079 of 480th TFS/52 TFW with c/n 4249 of 1979/80. Wearing sharkmouth and white SP code letters. Was based at Spangdahlem AB. To ARMARC in 1990.



Unzip and move it to your MSFS Community folder. Enjoy!



This repaint is freeware; you may use and modify it as you wish for your own use. It may not be used or sold for commercial purposes, nor published on any website that charges for downloading either directly or through a membership fee. If you want to publish repaints based on it, you need written permission from the author.


Thomas Roehl

September 2023

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