MSFS Cessna 414 United Nations ZS-AUN

MSFS Cessna 414 United Nations ZS-AUN

Payware Flysimware Cessna 414WA Chancellor is needed.

This repaint shows requested Cessna 414A ZS-AUN in a realistic paint scheme of United Nations. UN never use Cessna 414, so this repaint is fictitous. But such an aircraft could be use for ambulance or stuff transport purposes, also from UN.

Please note

This repaint is working only with Flysimware C414WA Update 4.4.6 and later. Make sure, to delete older version of repaint from community.


Unzip and move it to your MSFS Community folder. Enjoy!


This repaint is freeware; it can be used and modified as you wish for your own use. They must not be used or sold for commercial gain nor posted to a site that charges for downloading either directly or via a membership fee. If you want to publish any repaints based upon them they must be published as freeware and must acknowledge the author.

Thomas Roehl
March 2024

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