MSFS Cessna 172 KLM Aeroclub

MSFS Cessna 172 KLM Aeroclub

Community request for the repaint of the 172 in the livery of Cessna PH-KBA of the KLM Aeroclub located in Lelystad, Netherlands.

·  8k textures.

·  Livery is available on 5 versions of the C172:-

     –  Asobo C172 Wheels (G1000 or classic gauges)

     –  Asobo C172 Skis (G1000 or classic gauges)

     –  Bagolu C172 Classic no fairings (classic gauges only)

·  Just one folder to copy to your community folder for all 5 versions.

     –  All versions share common textures so there is little size penalty for having all versions combined in your community folder.

     –  Livery will only appear on those aircraft you own (default) or have installed (Bagolu).

     –  Livery will automatically be available if you install the Bagolu mods after you install this livery.

·  Works with Bagolu’s Cessna 172SP Skyhawk AS1000 improvement.


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Copy folder starting with “2” to your community folder.

Special notes

To see the classic gauges version you would need to own the Deluxe/ Premium Deluxe MSFS.

To see the no wheel fairings versions of the G1000 172 you would need Bagolu’s G1000 172 improvement mod which replaces the default G1000 172.  This mod brings enhancements such as configurable wheel fairings, opening doors and more.

To see the livery for the Bagolu no fairing version of the Classic gauges 172 you would need to have that mod installed. (Only Classic gauges version supported)

Note – the livery will work with none, some, or all of the Bagolu mods installed.




Refer to Readme_Me_1st.pdf included with upload.


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You can contact me by sending me a personal message on the site where you downloaded this file. Alternately you can contact me by messaging BilingualHarp7 on the MSFS forums OR by messaging Crispy136 on Discord.



These repaints are provided free of change and are not to be repurposed for inclusion with any commercial package or uploaded to any site without my permission. The use of the downloaded repaints is done at your own discretion and risk and with agreement that you will be solely responsible for any damage to your computer system or loss of data that results from such activities.

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