MSFS Beech Bonanza V35 N1733G

MSFS Beech Bonanza V35 N1733G

Repaint of the Carenado V35 Bonanza in the livery of N1733G. N1733G carried the names of 3 different suppliers at different times to promote those aviation companies.

·  Main texture in 8k.

·  Matches the real aircraft as close as allowed by the 3d model in MSFS.

·  3 livery variations

     – Jeppesen

     – Fly Dynon (Dynon Avionics)

     – Superior (Superior Air Parts)

·  Metallic paint.

·  Custom interior colours.


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Copy folders starting with 2 to your community folder.


You must own and have installed the Carenado V35 Bonanza to see this livery.


Refer to Readme_Me_1st.pdf included with upload.


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