Update FSX-EDJA-Airport 

new taxi routes, new details updated, download is complete………

Today, after almost half a year of construction, I present you my new airport EDJA Allgau Airport before ……. Since the airport is near me and I have already flown away there, I have decided to bring the Airport EDJA up to date for the FSX as freeware so building it myself was again in order ……….. The airport was tested by me on a different computer. Everything works perfectly. Traffic works, AI traffic, road traffic and ILS approach works. So have fun in Memmingen at also known as Munich West and go on a journey of discovery best with a small plane or helicopter so that you can see the many details ……… lands at Airport EDJA with an A321 or a Boing 737. Larger planes are not permitted, then take a helicopter or a small plane and fly over the Buxheimer Weiher to Tannheim to the flight school and explore the many details ………. …..

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