Donation Tracker Back in Service

Donation Tracker Back in Service

As some of AVSIM’s loyal contributors know, the automatic donation tracking system on the forums has been out of service for some months now.  We have identified the problem (a mismatch between the data sent to Paypal and the transaction record returned from them after the donation is made).  The donations did make it to AVSIM safely, but the tracker couldn’t match the records with the donations and update the donor list, place donor badges etc.

The tracker should be back in operation now.  If you make a donation and it is not reflected in the tracker, or your donor badge is not present on your forum posts, please contact us via the “contact us” link and we’ll get it sorted.

As always we deeply appreciate your donations to AVSIM, 100% of which are used to pay operating costs to keep the site running.  Thanks to everyone who has contributed, and our apologies for the delays in recognizing those who have supported us with their contributions.

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